ING Bankieren App

The ING Bank released a mobile banking app in october 2011. Over a period of over two years I was involved with the development of various features on the ING Mobile Banking iOS App. The iOS app was developed by a team of 5 developers of which I was part. The team operated in a larger context with a number of other teams providing the server side code and implementations for other mobile platforms.

The app has a consistent 4.5 star rating.

Xebia Essentials App

The Xebia Essentials app was developed by a co-worker to showcase the Xebia Essentials cards. During it's maintenance I helped by adding features, fixing bugs and updating the codebase. Xebia: "Software Development Done Right". More information:

Seb@stiaan School App

The Seb@stiaan school app is an app for a primary school in the Netherlands. With this app, end users are able to receive information and updates from the team at the Seb@stiaan School. It is targeted at the children's parents. Information is regularly updated by the team at Seb@stiaan school through the App.

XebiCon Schedule App

The XebiCon schedule app was developed in my evening hours while working my day job at Xebia. It is a backed conference schedule app. It provides it's end-users an up to date overview of the events planned during the XebiCon 2014 conference. All data within the App is regularly updated from the back-end.

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